How ‘Skinny Dave’ Lost 45 lbs with Diet-to-Go

Meet David Rockwell, a 56-year-old healthcare administrator who made a life-changing commitment to lose weight and improve his health. After facing the reality of his high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and blood sugar issues, David knew he had to make a major lifestyle change. He discovered 's Balance-Diabetes meal plan and has since lost an impressive 45 pounds. Despite facing challenges along the way, like family vacations and the temptations of summertime treats, David found success by sticking to his meal plan and incorporating exercise into his daily routine. With the support of his loved ones and the motivation of seeing results, David's journey proves that with determination and the right tools, achieving weight loss goals is attainable.

Name, Age, and Occupation

Name: David Rockwell

Age: 56

Occupation: Healthcare Administration

Hello everyone! We're David Rockwell, a 56-year-old healthcare administrator. We're excited to share our weight loss journey and how we were able to lose 45 pounds with the help of Diet-to-Go! As someone who struggled with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and blood sugar, we knew it was time to make a change. Let's dive into our meal plan and favorite meals!

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Meal Plan and Favorite Meals

Meal Plan: Balance-Diabetes

Favorite Meals:

  • Breakfast: Whole Wheat Waffles with Blueberry Cream Cheese
  • Lunch: Lemon Herb
  • Dinner: Parmesan

When we started our weight loss journey in May 2023, we weighed 247 lbs and stood at a height of 5'11”. We knew we needed to incorporate healthier eating habits and physical activity into our daily routine. We opted for the Balance-Diabetes meal plan offered by Diet-to-Go, which allowed us to maintain a balanced diet while managing our blood sugar levels. The delicious meals provided by Diet-to-Go were a pleasant surprise! We enjoyed whole wheat waffles with blueberry cream cheese for breakfast, lemon herb for lunch, and parmesan for dinner.

Weight Loss Journey

Start Date: May 2023

Starting Weight: 247 lbs

Height: 5'11”

Pounds Lost: 45 lbs

Activity Level: Walking on a treadmill 30 minutes a day

Go-To Trick for Cravings: 100-calorie snacks

Favorite Weight Loss Tracking App: myFitnessPal

We kicked off our weight loss journey in May, determined to achieve a healthier lifestyle. Through regular walking on a treadmill for 30 minutes each day, we were able to incorporate physical activity into our routine. To combat cravings, our go-to trick was indulging in 100-calorie snacks, such as pretzels and nuts. Tracking our progress was made easier with the help of myFitnessPal, our favorite weight loss tracking app. It allowed us to monitor our calorie intake and meals efficiently.

Overcoming Challenges

Challenges of Eating Healthy During Summer

Managing Family Vacations and Unhealthy Food

Gaining Weight During a Trip to Disney World

Moderation and Ice Cream

Maintaining Willpower and Persistence

Our weight loss journey didn't come without its fair share of challenges. The summer season provided a challenge in itself, with temptations to indulge in unhealthy food. Additionally, managing family vacations while trying to eat healthy proved to be difficult. However, we discovered the power of planning ahead and bringing our Diet-to-Go meals with us. During a family vacation to Chincoteague Island, Virginia, having our healthy meals readily available in the fridge allowed us to stick to our plan while others enjoyed greasy burgers.

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Despite our best efforts, we faced another challenge during a trip to Disney World. Being surrounded by an abundance of delicious but unhealthy food made it challenging to make wise choices. As a result, we ended up gaining back 9 pounds of the 25 we had lost. However, this setback didn't deter us. We remained determined to continue our weight loss journey.

To make matters more challenging, we began our journey during the summertime when ice cream cravings were at their peak. However, we learned the importance of moderation and realized that indulging in a small ice cream cone occasionally wouldn't sabotage our progress. It's all about finding a balance.

Throughout the challenges, maintaining willpower and persistence were crucial. We kept our end goal in mind and stayed committed to making healthier choices, even in the face of tempting circumstances.

Satisfying Meals and Fitness Routine

Concerns about Feeling Full and Satisfied

Liking the Taste and Variety of Diet-to-Go Meals

Joining a Local Fitness Club

Including 30 Minutes of Daily Treadmill Walking

Using myFitnessPal to Track Calories and Meals

Cutting Sugary Beverages from the Diet

One of our initial concerns was whether we would feel full and satisfied while following the Diet-to-Go meal plan. We had previously tried another meal delivery weight loss program that left us feeling unsatisfied due to the low-quality food. However, Diet-to-Go's meals exceeded our expectations. Each meal was extremely satisfying, and we never felt the need to overindulge. We did occasionally enjoy a couple of snacks, but we made sure they fit within our daily calorie count.

We were also pleasantly surprised by the taste and variety of Diet-to-Go meals. Coming from a fast-food background, we had doubts about dishes labeled as “diet food.” However, Diet-to-Go's meals were far from bland. They were well-seasoned, fresh, and delicious. The meals opened our eyes to new possibilities and expanded our taste palate.

To complement our healthier eating habits, we decided to join a local fitness club. This allowed us to incorporate more physical activity into our routine and further aid our weight loss journey. We allocated 30 minutes each day to walking on the treadmill, which not only burned calories but also improved our overall fitness.

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Tracking our calories and meals became effortless with the help of myFitnessPal. We found it convenient to log our Diet-to-Go meals, as they were already loaded into the app's library. This integration allowed us to have a clearer understanding of our calorie intake and make adjustments accordingly.

Additionally, we made a significant dietary change by cutting sugary beverages from our daily consumption. A big part of this change involved eliminating sodas and lemonades from our diet. Instead, we opted for water, unsweetened iced tea, and unsweetened coffee. This simple change had a substantial impact on our overall health.

Support System and Motivation

Encouragement from Family and Friends

Receiving Compliments and Motivational Feedback

Increased Energy Levels and Positive Effects

Throughout our weight loss journey, we were fortunate to have a strong support system consisting of family and friends. Their encouragement and belief in our ability to succeed were invaluable. Rather than questioning our commitment to the program, they praised our efforts, which served as motivation to keep pushing forward.

Receiving compliments regarding our physical transformation had a profound impact on our motivation. The positive feedback from our loved ones, such as comments about our weight loss and improved appearance, fueled our determination to continue on our path. We even earned the nickname “Skinny Dave” from our close friends and family, which served as a constant reminder of our progress.

One of the most significant motivators was the increase in our energy levels. Feeling more energized and active had a positive effect on various aspects of our lives. However, we did find ourselves occasionally annoyed by the excess energy, such as feeling restless when we wanted to sleep in on weekends. Nonetheless, the overall benefits of having increased energy far outweighed this minor inconvenience.

The Importance of Great Food

Not a Fad or Yo-Yo Diet, but a Lasting Lifestyle Change

Normal, Gourmet Meals with Proper Seasoning and Presentation

Teaching Proper Portion Size and Nutrition

Making Better Choices at Restaurants and in Daily Meals

Diet-to-Go's meal plan was not just another fad or yo-yo diet for us. It became a lasting lifestyle change that we plan to carry forward. What sets Diet-to-Go apart is the emphasis on normal, gourmet meals that are both delicious and healthy. Each meal is expertly seasoned, well-presented, and doesn't feel like “diet food” at all. If these meals were served on fancy platters, one would never know they were part of a weight loss program.

Diet-to-Go has been instrumental in teaching us the importance of proper portion size and nutrition. It goes beyond just counting calories. Instead, Diet-to-Go provides well-rounded meals that include essential proteins, vitamins, and minerals. This shift in perspective has allowed us to make better choices not only when eating at home but also when dining out at restaurants. We have developed a better understanding of what a wholesome and balanced meal looks like, and we plan to maintain this knowledge moving forward.

In conclusion, our weight loss journey with Diet-to-Go has been transformative. We have successfully shed 45 pounds and gained valuable insights along the way. By committing to a healthier lifestyle and embracing the guidance provided by Diet-to-Go, we have made a lasting change. We encourage others to consider Diet-to-Go as a solution for their weight loss goals. Remember, it's not about drastic diets or temporary fixes. It's about finding balance, enjoying great food, and taking care of your body.

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